Take control of rising health care costs, the healthy way. R&R Benefits is here to help you generate savings with worksite clinics and wellness programs.

Let’s face it: Most companies and large corporations are facing double-digit increases to their health benefits plan, whether fully-funded or self-funded. As an employer, you may attempt to figure out how to control this trend, by shifting around increased premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. The reality is that this is no longer a viable solution. As your trusted consultants, it is R&R Benefits‘ job to figure out new ways to curve this growing trend.

Healthy Solutions: Worksite Clinics and Wellness Programs

We have found that one of the most effective ways to drive costs down is the implementation of worksite clinics. This means that your business will have a fully staffed medical team and physician on the job. Why? Convenience.

There are a number of obstacles out there as to why an employee does not visit a doctor. They may not want to take time off, they may not have a doctor, or they may not want to pay the co-pay. Whatever the reason may be, they are clearly not receiving the medical attention they need, thus driving up the cost of medical coverage. The employee may come down with a catastrophic claim simply because they avoided a doctor. Stroke, heart attack… these claims will cost you.

Having a clinic on site allows your employees to take a 30-minute break to see the doctor, rather than taking a half day to travel. It is free for employees and their families—no co pay, free prescriptions, convenience, and much more. This system is the foundation of wellness. It can catch a large claim early and save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is a cost containment strategy designed to not only help the employee, but the employer, as well. It’s simple: The less medical claims there are, the lower the premium will be for the employer. Are you ready to remove the barriers? Get your employees to see a doctor and you may notice a dramatic affect on your overall health spend—from 20% to even 30%.

Promoting wellness in the workplace can help your employees and their families to lead a healthier lifestyle. There are a number of options to consider when designing a program fit for your company, including:

Health education classes
Use of fitness facilities
Blood draws
Use of fitness facilities
Internal policies promoting healthy behavior
Internal environmental changes
Weight loss programs
And much more…
Fortunately, we can assist in:
Current clinic evaluation – Are you getting the most out of your clinic?
Vendor selection/RFP process
Building a custom designed one-off clinic for your company to which we will manage to your specific needs