Are you ready to turn viable solutions into real results?

R&R Benefits can help you make educated and cost-saving employee benefit plan decisions.

At R&R Benefits, we strive to eliminate the guesswork from your benefits renewal process. This is why we designed a simplified way to approach your benefits design planning, aimed to both balance cost and add value for your company and its employees.

With the help of technology, we can:

Evaluate benefit plan costs against dependable benchmark information

Estimate renewal costs

Foresee the impact of medical and dental plan design changes

Streamline the plan selection process for employees

Compare your company with other employers (by region, size, and industry)

Benchmark Surveys & Statistics for Success

When it comes to a benefit plan strategy, benchmarking data is key. In short, benchmarking data is designed to provide a standard to which you can compare your benefit program. It also allows us, as your planners and consultants, to make smart recommendations that will help you enhance your plan—all while remaining competitive and reducing overall costs.

Having valuable benefit trend statistics and surveys is one of the core pieces of information that can allow us to provide you with a solid plan. It can help support both your strategy and the decisions that you make to get to that strategy.

Data from these surveys include the following topics:

Ancillary Benefits
Benefit Costs
Benefit Management
Health Care Costs
Health Care Reform
Health Plans
Prescription Drugs
Retirement Plans
Wellness Benefits
Vacation and Paid-Time Off