Bringing Your Employee Benefits Programs to New Heights, One Solution at a Time

Far too often, a typical insurance agency may not have the ability to drive good contracts, good pricing, and good condition structures for your company, organization, or government entity. When you choose to work with us, you’ll benefit from our ability to implement all three. Our insurance and employee benefits consultants have dedicated themselves to helping both commercial and government entities to save money across the board. R & R can bring your employee benefits programs to new heights in quality and performance, one solution at a time.

Why We’re Different

Our mission is to solve problems you didn’t know you had and find money you didn’t know existed. We do this through consulting, strategic planning, professional auditing, and technology. We want to come in and analyze your insurance and employee benefits package to figure out what you are currently spending, why you are spending it, and where you are spending it. We analyze your policies, your claims, and benchmark. Our team of experts will make recommendations to ensure that together, we can make a significant impact when it comes to savings.

Our consulting agency takes great pride in being able to take what our clients have and improve upon it—each and every time. In fact, there has never been a time where we could not reduce a premium.

About Us

Our success speaks for itself

City in Indiana of 350 employees whose Benefit Program Costs dropped by 30% in the 1st Year R&R managed the Program.

One of the top 10 largest counties in Indiana has seen their Property/Casualty Total Cost of Risk reduced by 30% over the last 8 years being managed by R&R.

Private Employer of over 300 people has experienced their Property/Casualty Insurance Costs reduced by 35% being managed by R&R.

One of the top 10 largest counties in Indiana had their Property Insurance reduced by 38% with R&R's guidance.

We’re on Your Side

We invite both employers and government entities in Indiana and Michigan to reach out to us for more information. We understand that you want to learn more about us, and we would love nothing more than to learn more about you and your needs. Together, we can work towards finding where things have gone wrong in order to improve and make things right again. When you choose R&R Benefits, you choose to take a step toward new heights.